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If your life is not an incredible one, that is a strong indication that you're missing something important. Something that stirs the fires deep within? The DESIRE to do, be, and know more. The desires to STEP INTO YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF - the self you know deep down you were MEANT TO BE.

You yearn for something more... but don't know what it is.

You're not alone.

I have seen hundreds of people who had those deep longing questions of the soul, and helped them take steps that FREED them from their struggles. This allowed them to embark on a journey of passion, unique to them, their ambitions and their desires, enabling them to share their gifts with the world.

I identify TEN universal struggles that get in the way of a full and passionate life. Just one or two will prevent you from having the life you want, and deserve. (Keep reading to find out if any or how many of the TEN are keeping you stuck!)

You might be AMAZED at the changes I've seen in people after they had the COURAGE to face the need for a different kind of life.

A young widow resolved her GRIEF and found the COURAGE to move her six children from a remote island, where opportunities were limited, to the Big City to give them opportunities for a better education and other possibilities.

A woman who denied her CREATIVITY because she feared her husband's disapproval of her taking time for her own expression in their busy family life. Working through faulty beliefs, she found the COURAGE to be true to herself. She learned how to engage him with kindness, while at the same time, be determined to honor her DESIRES and dreams.

A BORED husband who resented his wife's career success because he looked to her for much of his HAPPINESS, found passion in all things art-related. Shedding his BOREDOM, he experienced more intimacy and happiness in his relationship than he thought possible.

A man did not understand why he became so abusive toward the women when he drank. After working with me, he was able to embrace the "SHADOW" side of his personality and uncover deeply held resentments towards women that he never realized he had. Step by step, he learned how to go into a loving relationship with a woman.

A woman, who feared LONELINESS, was about to enter her third loveless marriage. She found the strength to become aware of how much she depended on BUSYNESS, to keep her from knowing the truth about her self-sabotaging patterns. She also realized that she held onto friends who left her feeling inadequate.

These are just a few examples of the stories in my breakthrough system, "Journey to a Passionate Life, a Transformational System."

It's not however, all about the stories:

From both personal and professional experience, I know that you can have more, much more, and I show you here, how to create the life you desire.

Let Me Introduce You to Your "Shadow"

Once you understand DESIRE, I help you find Courage. The kind of courage that helps you look deep into yourself and uncovers what's holding you back. The kind of courage that helps you face your "Shadow Self" and embrace it instead of hiding it from the world.

Your SHADOW is that part of self that we do not like and hide from the world. It is as much part of all of us as arms or legs. If you refuse to acknowledge it, it will rise up when least expected and wreak havoc on your best laid plans. (how about "I don't know what came over me") When you KNOW your shadow self, you're able to harness its power for use in following your passions.

I've been known to "turn things upside down" from time to time. For instance, I want to change the way you think about Anger. Discover how to use the passion in anger for good in life; make anger then, your ally.

You'll also learn how to deal with LONELINESS and BOREDOM. These are two silent passion killers most people overlook.

I'll reveal the real secrets to Happiness. Believe it or not, some people just don't know they can choose to be happy! And some people want to overcomplicate the process. In the audio interviews, the book - and the accompanying workbook, you'll see just how simple it can be to be happy.

If any of the above struggles resonate; this breakthrough system is for you!

What if you could find a way to resolve your struggles immediately? You can do that! Right here! Right now!

This system shows you the way, with information, tools and me as your guide.

If you are at a really good place and do not need this system for yourself, it would make a loving gift for somebody that you know is struggling.

My desire, actually my commitment is to help you uncover and release the obstacles that keep you feeling that something is missing... Once you are ready to cross the threshold and acknowledge that you deserve much more, the world opens up to say yes! Yes!


My name is Laura B. Young (LMFT, and CCH). I have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. I have helped thousands of clients how to live fully and passionately while personally practicing the same as I ask of others, in my own life.

The proven techniques offered here are used to recover parts of self that were suppressed to please others, to bring us to a level of self-empowerment we never thought possible. It is not only possible, but I have witnessed the transformation of many, many people.


"Journey into a Passionate Life" - What if there was a guide to go with you on your journey to help you uncover your passions again or for the first time (it is never too late). I am a guide who understands where you've been, the challenges you face and the obstacles you must overcome. I know what is possible, if you decide of to take this journey with me.

In addition to the obstacles, important core strengths are examined in depth; the strengths that we need to increase and lean into, during the hard times.

These problems and strengths are addressed in depth in this Journey into a Passionate Life, a Transformational System. The guiding light in my selections is that each and every obstacle and strength if identified, respected, and worked through has the power to change your life.


Just as the book identifies and describes what needs to be done, the accompanying Workbook gives each and every problem and strength a clear set of the necessary step by step tools to dive deep. The exercise allows us to go at our own pace.


Arguably the most important part of this System is the audio interviews, which are powerful and revealing. This not to be missed collection of interviews, addresses all areas with a much broader, as well as an incisive brush, using additional stories, vignettes and life experiences to illustrate. The interviewer, Patricia Cieszynski asks provocative questions that stretches our frame of reference in regards to living a full and passionate life. Each interview is about thirty minutes in length, enabling me to give real life examples as to how to apply the tools given to expand in many ways that are beyond the book's boundaries.

In each interview, you have my full attention just as if you were in a personal interview with me. Pat, (sitting in for you), asks me some hard and in-depth questions regarding the ten universal struggles that affect all of us to some extent. I share what I have learned over more than 30 years of professional experience as well as some struggles that I have had to overcome on my personal journey. You will realize that you are not alone. Each audio, addresses an area of immense power to trip us up if not addressed and resolved. Once we have faced and resolved these problems, life can be the one we desire and deserve.

I am committed to be an agent of transformation encouraging you to start where you are, without the intimidation of "shoulds." I value and respect the individual's way of stepping into the flow of one's own life... I see in others potential and possibilities and am passionate about sharing information, tools and exercises in order to give you everything necessary to create a life that is full and passionate.


(No day will be better than today!)

It's been called, "a guide for people who don't want to settle for clichés, illusions or tired promises."

At an affordable price, I want as many people as possible to buy and to do this remarkable work. Compare this one time low price of $99.00 $79.00 (for a limited time!) to what it would cost if you came to psychotherapy to resolve the obstacles covered in this work. A few "issues" taking a number of sessions each would be an investment of easily $2500.00

If you are in a good space and do not need this guidance, it would make a very loving gift for somebody who may be struggling.

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For a limited time, you can get: Journey into a Passionate Life, a Transformational System, which includes the book "Journey into a Passionate Life" along with the companion "Workbook" in PDF format, as well as the Audio Collection of 10 interviews that goes far beyond the written material. All for the low price of just $99.00 Just $79.00 for a limited time!

60-day money back guaranteeSince I know it works, and I know it will work for you. I'm going to give you the Journey into a Passionate Life, a Transformational System with an iron clad guarantee just in case you're unhappy. or skeptical. In fact, skeptical is okay, but unhappy is not, my deepest desire is for you to be transformed.

That said, I guarantee that if the Journey into a Passionate Life, a Transformational System does not help you within next 60 days, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Not sure if you are ready to pursue
a Passionate Life?

Need a nudge?
Don't understand what I call a Passionate Life?

I am offering 2 Bonuses to help you start your journey.

Powerful Questions to Change Your Life - Both Powerful and Provocative this E-Book contains Universal questions that we all struggle with at some time in our lives. You are invited to use these questions as a doorway into an authentic, passionate life.

What is a Passionate Life? - An 25 minute audio interview explaining what a Passionate Life is and what it is not! If you are curious what Laura calls a Full Passionate Life, you must download and listen to this MP3 interview.

See below to get your free copy of these 2 bonuses!

No matter where you may be stuck on your journey or if you are having difficulty mustering up the passion to pursue your dreams,


If you want to add more curiosity and adventure to your life, then I urge you to buy this work today - while you can get Journey into a Passionate Life, a Transformational System for just $99.00 Just $79.00 for a limited time!



Laura B. Young (LMFT, and CCH)

P.S. - This work is for both those who are just starting their journey into a passionate life and those who are already well down the path. You can go as far as you dare with the help of these powerful tools.

The first step is to just get started!

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Reading "Journey into a Passionate Life a Transformational System" and especially in listening to the Audios, has helped me think about myself and what I want for my life in a new light. It has given me a new place to start and I am encouraged. I realize the starting place has to be with my decision. For the first time, my feelings, wants and desires have been acknowledged as important - that to be true to my own self is actually okay! This System has helped me embrace my own individuality, as I move along the path of my Transformation.

Angie Goodson

Each of us experiences life in our own way and yet at one point or another we all experience the same emotions: LOVE, SORROW, ANGER, FEAR, COURAGE, LONELINESS, BETRAYAL, PAIN, and HAPPINESS. Laura explains how we deal, or not deal, with these feelings can define the quality of this extra-ordinary gift we have been given-LIFE!

"Journey into a Passionate Life a Transformational System" does not just describe a problem or condition and tell you to do this or don't do that. Laura includes a Book of great timely and easy to understand content, with a Workbook that is full of exercises to work on any given issue step by step, as well as guides you through creating your own unique solutions. The audios are in-depth interviews covering each and every chapter in a more expanded way, beyond what is covered in the books. If the old adage LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT leaves you wondering; let Ms. Young's System Transform and guide you into knowing you are doing your personal best now that you have the proper tools.

I recommend "Journey into a Passionate Life a Transformational System" to you seekers, who want to be whole.

Anne Clayton

It Was the Much Needed and Timely Push.

"If you're hoping to stumble upon that one thing that will help you get out of that rut you are in, this system is perfect for you. "I found that it managed to put things that I was struggling with in my life into a much better perspective for me. After all, we often distract ourselves so as not to dwell on the areas of life that give us trouble. Still, it was the much-needed push that I just didn't want to deal with until I was holding it right in front of my face as well as listening to the audios... The lessons here are certainly inspiring, and it has helped me be much more conscious of how I deal with my life, and how to overcome the obstacles."

Johanna Winterson

I saw her book and asked Laura what having a full passionate life really means.

We have a tendency to give the concept of a passionate life too limited a frame she told me. She piqued my interest so I read her book.

I was so impressed by its depth and scope I volunteered to interview her in-depth, chapter by chapter and learned a lot about how to live more passionately. I found out quickly that there are obstacles in our lives that we know about and ones that are hidden. Known or unknown, the obstacles can stop us from having all the colors of the rainbow in our lives.

I came to realize that I could be experiencing more of the "white wines" and less of the "dark wines" of life.

I have used the workbook as if it were a journal, doing double duty for me. I highly recommend this work for you unless your life is already full and passionate

P.S. I am re-thinking every day as I see more possibilities in the ordinary that I never observed before.

Patricia Cieszynski

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