Do You Willfully Look Away Because You are Afraid to Ask The Hard Questions?

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  • You can be happier than you ever thought possible! Find out how to release the obstacles you have put in YOUR way.
  • You are not alone. Learn how to connect with teachers, as they are everywhere.
  • How to use the power of anger for more passion in life. Understand what your anger means and how to transcend its negativity.

  • Do you think a passionate life is for others, but not for you?

    Many are confused when I mention a passionate life or living passionately. During a recent interview for my Journey into a Passionate Life - A Transformational System, Pat asked me "What is a Passionate Life?" WOW, what a great question! Pat and I talked for over 20 minutes about what I envision as a Passionate Life or Living Passionately. I am sharing this audio with anyone who may sigh and wonder "is this all there is?"

    Laura B. Young invites you to use these offerings as a doorway into an authentic, passionate life.